110V 10W LED Flood Light High Luminous Efficiency Waterproof Garage light Courtyard Light Square Light


Place of Origin China
Main Color Black
Main Material Glass
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Dimensions & Weights

Assembled Length (in.) 3.90
Assembled Width (in.) 3.12
Assembled Height (in.) 2.80
Weight (lbs) 1.20


1.High Luminous Efficiency: The lamp efficiency is 85-100LM / W, which is much higher than similar LED small watt floodlights, achieving effective energy saving effect. Compared with traditional halogen floodlights, the energy saving is up to 90% and the life span can reach 50,000 hours

2.Frosted Glass Fashion Lights: The newly produced mini LED floodlights are specially designed for your small and medium-sized outdoor LED floodlights with high cost performance, complete functions, and low power consumption. It is stylish and lightweight with excellent energy efficiency and reliable protection level. It will be an ideal choice for your low-power floodlighting products.

3.IP65 Weather Resistance: The product is perfectly sealed. This means you don't have to worry about getting wet when you work. Please note that floodlights cannot be used in water.

4.Flexible Installation: The product has an adjustable metal bracket, which can be installed on the ceiling, wall, ground and other positions by adjusting different angles. It has compact appearance, compact overall panel, can better integrate with architectural landscape.

5.Widely Used: Widely used in bridges, stations, parks, hotel clubs and other landscape lighting, such as sports fields, front yards or backyards, advertising billboards, buildings, garden tennis courts, parking lots, stadiums and terminals.


1. Excellent heat dissipation performance: Using high-quality aluminum, the light has good heat dissipation effect and extends its service life.

2. Waterproof: The IP65 protection level means that you don't have to worry about the ligth stop working in case of rain.

3. Widely used: Suitable for stadiums, stations, hotels, construction sites, plazas, workshops, warehouses, construction sites, hotels, halls, parking lots, gardens, buildings, etc. Packing List: 1*Light 1*Instruction